Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Making changes - getting back to the Earth

My one small change project is going great! This is my second post about it. I officially began only a week ago, that was when I read a blog by hipmountainmama. She had issued a challenge to everyone who reads her blog to make one small change each month until Earth Day, April 22, to be more environmentally friendly and help the earth.

Luckily I had already made an "unofficial" resolution to get back to composting my food scraps. I had been using a small worm composter from our apartment balcony before me moved.

On an unseasonably warm day last week I decided to check out the condition of the old compost bin that was left by the previous tenants. To my delight I found the container more then half full of rich black soil, full of worms and ready for planting!! For a gardener, even a novice like me, I know this is the good stuff, black gold if you will.

Once the composter was empty I moved it to the far back corner of my backyard and started using it!

The weather was so nice I ended up turning the soil in my garden bed. I know it is still January and sewing season is still far off, but I expect my seed catalogue to arrive any day and the planning and sprouting will begin!

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