Sunday, January 31, 2010

For the birds

This weekend the kids and I attended a wonderful exhibit about birds of prey. It was held at The Fraser River Discovery Centre.
We saw all types of birds that had been "stuffed" and were in many natural poses, some with their prey! The kids loved to build the bird houses, we made one for my dad too, as you can't have more then one per house Chick-a-Dee's are very territorial!
We are hoping that Chick-a-Dees will nest in our box this spring! We have seen dozens of these cute birds at our tray feeder this winter and would love to have some babies to observe too!

We are planning on taking part in this years annual Great Backyard Bird Count starting in February. I also wrote about another event that involves counting bees this spring and summer, on my website here.

I know it is still deep winter, but we are very eager for spring around here!

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