Thursday, December 15, 2011

On the third day of Christmas; Home made goodies as gifts!

Banana Bread is a popular choice, or Orange Cranberry loaf  makes a perfect holiday treat.

This year we will be giving some home made gifts as well as a few store bought ones. We have already done a lot of the work over the summer and fall when we canned fruit, made jam and antipasto!

We usually bake at the holidays. Cookies, cakes, and loaves make perfect gifts that will not be wasted!  

Peaches  in syrup from the Okanagan this summer.
Strawberry Jam we made in June.
Cynda's Antipasto made in November.
It is easy to plan ahead and make large batches of fruits, jams and even more "complicated" things like antipasto. They are colourful and thoughtful gifts you can feel good about giving to people.

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