Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the second day of Christmas; we put up our lights; LED!

Yes we have made the switch over to all LED lights for our house and tree this year. Most people are now aware that LED lights use only 10 % of the electricity of incandescent bulbs, they will last many more years and do not get as hot, so they are safer too.

Since 2007 The Home Depot has offered a light exchange as part of their Eco Options Initiative
They offer to responsibly recycle old holiday bulbs and discount LED lights up to 50% to encourage people to make the switch.
Their results are encouraging;
  • close to 600,000 light strings collected
  • more then 8000 MWh of energy saved
  • more then 2,227 tonnes of green house gas emissions prevented(equal to the annual energy consumption of 789 houses)
Lights are so much a part of the holidays. Maybe it is because of the lack of sunlight and the cold colorful Christmas lights always make long winter nights more cheerful and bright.

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