Sunday, December 18, 2011

On the fifth Day of Christmas, waste free wrapping.

For Christmas this year we are making holiday gift bags and wrapping paper from cloth.

We have some left over from last year and we are making more. These bags are reusable and fun! You can buy material on sale in the off season and save it up for this. You can also use non holiday themed prints to make everyday gift bags for birthdays and other gift giving occasions.
We also reuse our old cards every few years. We will save our Christmas cards and cut them out and reuse them to make new cards to send to friends and family.
Another green wrapping idea is to use newsprint and stamp or decorate the paper yourself. This way you can personalize the gifts and don't have the plastic and paper waste from the traditional wrapping paper packaging.

When you plan ahead these idea's are really simple and people love to get gifts you have made yourself and can reuse! It's easy being green and not creating waste.

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