Sunday, July 17, 2011

How green it is - Treehugger ?

Today when I visited , the mother of all Enviro-blogs , I was shocked saddened, disappointed by the adds that dominated the front page.

The top three advertisements I saw were for an airline, a car company and a petroleum company. Should we expect more from our Eco brothers and sisters over at TreeHugger? As a business person I understand the purpose of business is to make money after all. The purpose of environmental blogs or websites is to inform and inspire better (environmentally sustainable ) living, or so I thought.

Their name surely implies the hippy, happy, Eco- friendly life style. We are all "tree huggers, in a way, we want to lesson our impact and be more accountable. Or do we? Do we really just want a convenient way to continue doing all the consuming, driving, flying, texting, eating, and living that we, in the developed nations, demand and expect.

The answer is clear. Yes we do want to do all this and more. We do want to make a difference, to be better, to be greener.

So what if TreeHugger is making money from advertisers that perpetuate the destruction of the planet? They are, after all, still shining a light on the evil that dominates our green little planet. They offer us vast amounts of information and alternatives, all the while taking money from the multinational corporations that threatens our very existence.

Should we be discouraged by this act of treason? Is this just the cost of doing business in the 21st century? You can talk the talk but when it comes to walking the walk, some still prefer to drive.

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