Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Food Forest Gardening

Last weekend I was lucky to attend a workshop hosted by The New Westminster Community Gardening Society about Food Forest Gardening.

The term Food Forest may be new to some people. Being a novice gardener myself I only heard about it last year. Although the term and knowledge may be unfamiliar the concept is ancient.

During the workshop we watched a number of short videos including this one about a 300 year old food forest in Vietnam.

As well an ancient food forest over 2000 years old in Morocco.

During the workshop we were given lots of resources as well as some hands on practice as we were at one of the community gardens for the day.

Some ideas we talked about were the concepts of Permaculture, Graywater, and Peak Moment T.V. on youtube.

Regular people growing food is becoming more common, but the way we grow food is changing. GMO's, the green revolution and organic gardening have hit the mainstream. Backyard gardening, community gardens and CSA (community supported agriculture) are growing like wild fires.

Taking an interest in where your food comes from, shopping locally, supporting farmers markets and growing your own back yard (front yard) garden has become common place.

By sharing resources and getting back to the earth each of us are able to take control of our own food destiny.

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