Saturday, July 3, 2010

how does your garden grow?

With the cool spring and not so much sun, I am happy to say most of my plants
are still alive in my garden!

The garden has seen a few casualties so far, I have lost some onions and kale and I can't seem to keep basil alive. I have taken to putting egg shells all around the garden to keep the slugs away.

This is the potato plant (above) I have grown from a potato in my cupboard!!

The Chrysanthemums (mums) I had in planters last year, this year they have doubled! - Romaine Lettuce ~ Zucchini

I have staked up my tomatoes and pea's, you can see my broccoli; top right has gone to flower :(

These beautiful plums are growing over my front lawn - from the neighbouring tree!

I have been lucky enough to harvest a few strawberries so far this year!

After weeding and watering the garden tonight, we picked some cherries from the tree on our front lawn. These are some of the best cherries I have ever eaten if I do say so myself!!

Gotta love summer in the garden!

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