Monday, March 8, 2010

diggin in

We are famous! Well I never post pictures of myself or children online, even facebook. Recently things have changed! We are on the cover of the local paper! Here!

I have been volunteering with the local community garden society. I strongly believe in their mandate. To bring people together in the community around growing food!

The community gardening society has been successful in securing our first plot for a garden and it is just steps away from my house! There are a number of initiatives under way in the city of New Westminster. Including the community gardens, farmers market, community kitchens, an environmental partners organisation, and a food security group.

Knowing where our food comes from and how to grow food is becoming more important to many people.
To be sustainable we need our food source to be local and to take personal responsibility for food choices.

Every thing you can grow yourself bring you one step closer to nature and you will reap more then a few herbs and vegetables. Growing food is more satisfying then you can imagine! Why not try something new this year and grow your own?


  1. We have just moved to New Westminster and are looking into starting a small garden on our south-west facing balcony. Any additional resources that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Located about 2 blocks from New West station.
    Thank you so much for taking time to blog about reconnecting with food and the planet.

  2. I am also a new resident in New Westminster, I have joined the New Westminster Community Gardening Society, and there are many people with lots of idea's and resources in this group. The website should be up soon and they are hosting programs all summer about how to plan a garden, and different horticultural issues. Also there is a horticultural society in New West ( and the New Westminster Environmental Partners ( and they are a very active group with lots of resources. If you are interested in "green" issues there is also the green drinks which is a casual "meet up" the first Wednesday of each month at the Heritage grill on Columbia, there are many people there who can offer you advice and help connect you with more resources. Happy Gardening!