Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Putting up some plums

Yesterday we got a knock on the door from a neighbour asking if we were going to use our plums! He said he would gladly take them off our hands (and our tree) for us.

We have only been in this house for a few weeks. We noticed the trees were full of plums and cherries when we moved in but we were busy with a family wedding and house guests as well as the unpacking and the general chaos of moving, we all but forgot about these little beauties!

We were able to gather a couple of pounds from the ground and just shaking the tree lightly. My dad just brought over his step ladder to aid in the harvesting! We will be canning and making jam this week!

I have been looking online for recipes using honey as I have a few jars of local raw honey I got from a home schooling family last month, I wrote about it here on my website

I have great memories of making jam and canning tomatoes with my mom and aunts when I was little, I hope the current heat wave subsides soon as I can't imagine standing over a boiling pot in this temperate right now!

I will post my recipe and more pictures when I am done!

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