Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is it ironic that I put google adds on this blog, not on my website, where I have previously written about how I don't use certain products, namely Tide, because of there horrible record for animal testing and wouldn't you know it the first add to appear on my blog, my "green" blog, was from Tide! Something about Eco-tide, something. but you can't win in this situation.

I decided a long time ago to support the good where I can find it. No, I don't buy "Eco" tide or any of the mainstream brands like that, but I will shop for organic food at Safeway or Presidents choice brands. I don't want to fight "the man" I am just one person, but I know my buying power does count for something.

So what if ads for Tide or even Walmart show up on my blog? Am I a supporter by default?
I have to trust that other people see the reality of what supporting unethical companies does to the planet. I believe in free choice, how informed is that choice? Well that is the question

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